Setback for the plans for the return of the German league after putting the Dynamo Dresden squad in stone


Germany's plans to resume soccer competitions on May 16th suffered an early setback after their entire second-tier Dynamo Dresden squad was quarantined for two weeks after discovering two new infections with the Coronavirus.</p><div data-qa-component="item-story" data-rc-highlight="story" dir="rtl">

    The German club announced on its website that the tests that were subjected to the team members on Friday revealed two positive cases and ordered the health authorities to put the entire team in quarantine.

    "After analyzing the situation, the health authorities in Dresden ... today, Saturday, put the entire team, including the technical and administrative staff, in quarantine for two weeks in their homes," said Dinamo Dresden.

    "Because of the quarantine measures, the club will not be able to travel to Lower Saxony to play the match scheduled for May 26."

    Dinamo Dresden was supposed to play Hanover next Sunday in its first match after the second-division resumption after a halt caused by the outbreak of the Coruna virus.

    "In the past few weeks, we have made tremendous efforts in terms of personnel and logistics to strictly implement all health and medical measures," said Ralph Minge, director of Dynamo Dresden.

    "We are in contact with the responsible health authorities and the German Football Association to coordinate the next steps. The reality is that we cannot practice or participate in any games during the next 14 days."

    The German League announced last week to resume activity on May 16 after obtaining the green light from the government.

    The league developed detailed rules and guidelines for training and matches to reduce the risk of infection, including testing for the virus.

    But how to deal with the detection of positive cases outside the control of the league because German law states that dealing with any case is in the hands of the health authorities only.

    Christian Schaeffert, chief executive of the League, told television channel "CDF" that the goal remains to complete the season.

    "We have said from the beginning that we are ready for such matters," said Scheffert. "If the 14-day quarantine period has now begun, we need to deal with it next week in the spirit of the play plan."

    "Despite this, this does not currently frustrate our current schedule. The German League has been working on this for a long time, and we have constantly stressed that the local health authorities will make their decisions with every case in each team."

    "In the second division, where there are still 81 games left, it will not be possible to play two games for the team Dynamo Dresden at the moment, but we will not change our goal in the end of the season."

    The German Bundesliga has been stalled since mid-March, due to a deadlock in the Coruna virus, which has infected soccer around the world. Other leagues are likely to closely monitor Germany's resumption of matches.

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