Shata blames the Jabaliyya because of “Club of the Century” .. and confirms: Real Madrid did not win it with championships


Abdel Moneim Shata, a member of the technical committee of the African Football Confederation, confirmed that the title of the Club of the Horn of Africa is a “honorary title”. The winner does not receive a material return, and it is not permissible to dispute it after 20 years since the Al-Ahly club was crowned with it, noting that he is tired of commenting. On that issue, and he called the Zamalek Club years ago to resort to international arbitration to resolve this file.

“Shata”, in televised comments to the “Audience of the Thalat” program on the satellite On Time Sport 2, blamed the Football Association, stressing that officials should intervene and address the legal committee of the African Union to settle the dispute between the two poles of Egyptian football, especially since there are accusations from the other party There is a manipulation of selection criteria, and this in itself is a “disaster”, pointing out that Zamalek has not submitted a formal complaint to Kef until now.

Follow Former technical committee member in Kef, The classification of Al-Ahly club as a champion of the century came according to the criteria set by the CAF, wondering when the classification was based on tournaments only without looking at the results of the teams, explaining The method of classification was present and in force from 1963 to 1994, explaining that FIFA and the European Union were awarded the title of Club of the Century based on the vote, but Kef granted it based on the points that take into account the level of the teams, the number of times their participation and times to reach the finals, and that the Real Madrid team He did not get the title of the century with tournaments only.

Zamalek club officials re-bombed the Horn of Africa Club issue again, and Mortada Mansour, the club’s board chairman, confirmed that he would reopen the file again, despite the passage of 20 years since the announcement of Al-Ahly’s “traditional rival” victory, assigning Mortada Mansour, the quadrant Ahmed Jalal Ibrahim, Vice President of the club, Hany Zada, Ismail Youssef and Ahmed Murtada Mansour, members of the board of directors, collect all the files related to the Century Club case that will ensure between the regulations, results and team numbers in the African Union championships, as well as the use of all legal and sports experts, as well as resorting to some foreign legal experts and experts Regulations for the African Union and the International Federation, in order to file a lawsuit in the International Sports Court to obtain the title of the Century Club from Al-Ahly Club, which it obtained from the African Football Confederation.

idea Century Club It came to CAF officials on the sidelines of the 30th anniversary of the organization of the continental championships, as well as on the sidelines of the 1994 African Nations Championship in Tunisia, where the idea came through Mostafa Mourad Fahmy, and looking at the classification we find that it is based on who crowns the title of Cup Winners gets 4 points and the owner of the center The second 3 points and two points for those who qualify for the semi-finals and one point for each club that reaches the quarter-finals, and when changing the tournament system to the African Champions League with its current name and changing the group system, it was decided that the champion team will get 5 points and the runner-up gets 4 points and 3 points for those who qualify for the semifinals Two points for the third group, one point for the last place holder in the groups, one point for the Super African winner, and two points for those participating in the Club World Cup.


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