She made $ 37 million .. Who is the highest paid player in history?


Japanese Naomi Osaka surpassed American Serena Williams, as she became the biggest paid sports player in history, after she made $ 37.4 million in prize money over the past year, according to Forbes..

Japanese Naomi Osaka, 22, managed to win two Grand Slam titles last year, earning $ 1.4 million more than Serena who has topped the list for the past four years, and before that, Maria Maria Sharapova, set the record for 12-month earnings in a year. 2015, after achieving $ 29.7 million.

It is noteworthy that the American Serena Williams was the highest paid athlete over the past four years, earning between $ 18 million to $ 29 million, but Naomi has now broken the previous record of Maria Sharapova for mathematics that was set in 2015 when she reached 29.7 Million dollars.

Tennis players usually occupy first place in the women’s “Forbes” list since 1990, especially with Serena or Maria Marias progress since 2004, and the spotlight focused on Naomi by her victory over Serena in the 2018 US Open final, and the Japanese player won the following major championship It is the Australian Open 2019, although its rankings have since fallen from first to tenth in the ATP rankings..

According to what she said “CNNJapanese Naomi Osaka has won two major championships in her career so far, and has emerged as one of the brightest stars in the ATP tour, as she is best known for her victory over Williams at the U.S. Open in 2018.

Naomi Osaka was born in Japan, but she grew up and raised in the United States of America, and has been gaining popular care with herders, and according to Forbes, she now has 15 partners to sign and sign a lucrative clothing deal with Nike.

Osaka ranks 29th in the list of the top 100 paid athletes, ahead of 33rd Williams. The full Forbes list for 2020 is expected to be published next week.


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