She participated in 100 works .. The death of Nemat Abdel Nasser, the most famous companion in the cinema


Death was absent Thursday evening, artist Neamat Abdel Nasser, after a struggle with illness.

The family of the late artist did not announce the date of the funeral and burial place so far, according to the circumstances in the country due to the spread of Corona virus, and the application of decisions to prevent gatherings.

Neamat Abdel Nasser, her artistic career in the seventies began in the minor roles “Compars”, and she enjoyed the love of the public and the makers.

The late participant in many artistic works in the cinema, theater and television, where Nemat Abdel Nasser participated in more than 100 works, and she is always a mother or wife representing the hard-working class.

Among her most famous films are: “Al Nadaha, A Bird on the Road, Love in the Dungeon, Shame, Seventh Sense, Bird of the East, Accuracy visited the Sharabeya, Witness the Proof of the Heart of the Night, Raspberry, Speech in the Forbidden, Driver Al-Hanim, Sleeping in Honey, Garage, Mushrooms , Female and the Hornet, closed doors, mafia, generous harem, beholder, military in the camp, mold thief, Del fish, magic eyes, Ayez Haqi, the seventh sense.


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