“She underwent surgery … and played the role of Souad Hosni” .. Information about a victim


05:58 PM

Monday 11 May 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

Today, Monday, the actress, Menna Arafa, was the victim of the official Ramez Majnoon mold presented by the artist, Ramez Jalal, on MBC Egypt.

In the following lines, we monitor for you the most important information about Menna Arafa:

Her full name (Menna Allah, Sayyid Muhammad Arafah), was born in 1999.

She worked as a model in advertising, and has two sisters, Rasha Arafa and Rania Arafa.

She did not want to act, and her older sister liked acting and went to the studios.

She started acting for the first time through the series (The Cinderella) with director Samir Seif in 2005, and she was chosen to play Souad Hosni when she was young.

After “Cinderella”, she participated in the sitcom series “Tamer & Shawkeya”, among which was nominated by Sherif Arafa for “Industrial Bump” with the artist Ahmed Helmy, whom she considers her real starting point.

A few months ago, she suffered an urgent health problem, and was subsequently transferred to the Fifth Hospital Hospital. She was suffering from acute appendicitis, after which she underwent surgery.

It has caused controversy over the past months by publishing photos collected by Doctor Ali Ghazlan through her accounts, and some have explained the existence of an emotional relationship between them.

She was subjected to rumors that she married and gave birth to a girl after her appearance while she caressed a little girl who looked like her and played with her, but she denied these rumors about the program, “The Strongest One” that appeared with the girl, and said that she is the daughter of one of her friends.

Extensive criticism followed her about her clothes and makeup in pictures that appeared through her, which shows her at an older age, but she denied in press statements, that she published these pictures, and that they were stolen from her mobile phone, and that she was surprised by their spread, confirming that she did not publish the pictures and was surprised by their appearance on the Internet.

– Menna Arafa will participate in the Ramadan drama this year through the series “Layalina 80” starring Sabreen, Khaled Al-Sawi and Iyad Nassar.

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