She was saying to Josie Yaam .. Watch the first wife reveal the truth of Nima Hassanein


Blogger Nehmeh Hassanein sparked a huge controversy on Facebook between men and women after she announced marriage to a married man And, he published pictures with his first wife and his children, and Naama wrote in a circular circulated on the pages of the social media saying, “We share the sum together, so we can be a beautiful family.”

After arousing the controversy about the reason for his wife’s first consent to his marriage to another and taking pictures together in Sishan bringing them together, there were many justifications from the girls that they feared for their children and therefore they are satisfied with the reality, we will not find wife You can afford the amount of love and pictures the blogger posted grace with her wedding.
Soon, however, inconsistent responses to the photos published by Nama and his wife’s consent for his marriage with her and her consent with a second wife living with her in the same house, and Facebook users exchanged comments from the wife The first was that she was dissatisfied with the marriage and some of them said that she considered Grace as her sister, but discovered her betrayal and engagement to her husband and said in the comments, “She was saying to Josie Yaam.”

There are other comments from his wife saying that she will not agree to his marriage with her, but she discovered the engagement and wrote that I, my children, will not revoke their siblings.

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