Sherine Gamal, a journalist, dies in a traffic accident


The death of the media, Sherine Gamal, in an accident ...

Source: Jihad Jamal – Toss News

Today, the economic anchor at the former Baghdadiya channel, Egyptian Sherine Gamal, was absent from death after a traffic accident.
A journalist, Mustafa Al-Nadi, a friend of the late anchor, wrote on his personal page on “Facebook”: “Nice colleague and friend Sherine Jamal under God’s protection.”

He continued: “To God, what He gave, and to God what He took, and everything is with him, to the extent that the eye is to tear, and the heart grieves, and I, for your separation, are grieving, our Lord, have mercy on you, Shereen, forgive you, and grant you the highest paradise.”
Sherine was in a state of great sadness after the death of her mother two months ago, where she wrote through her personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”, a lament in her mother who said: “When my mom left .. I had never felt all these double feelings, I did not feel With loss, loneliness, longing, sadness, and alienation at the same time, my mother left me, and everything went with you.

She added: “I am the loser, my mother. I am the lost. I am the one who will roam the earth in search of you until I reach the sky, to seek from God that I see you every day in happiness, happiness and comfort from all the misfortune in paradise. You are her virgin princess, I will wait until I come to you in a day There is calamity, and I ascend with you to heaven to ask you to forgive pride, for your love is more pure than contamination with pride. ”

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