Sisi’s directives to achieve crop self-sufficiency


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Wednesday 13 May 2020

Cairo – (ASA):
Cairo newspapers published today, Wednesday, highlighted the activity of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi yesterday, and his directives to achieve self-sufficiency in crops. He also highlighted his greeting to Egyptian nursing staff to celebrate International Nursing Day.
Under the title “Increasing the agricultural area to achieve self-sufficiency in crops,” Al-Ahram newspaper highlighted President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s stress on the importance of seeking to achieve self-sufficiency in crops; As a strategic goal and a consistent approach to the state, especially by supporting successful projects with outstanding production and returns and maximizing the area of ​​agricultural land.
The newspaper indicated that this came during the President’s meeting yesterday with Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, and the meeting included both the Assistant President of the Republic for national and strategic projects, the Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation, and the Director General of the National Service Projects Authority of the Armed Forces.
“Al-Ahram” highlighted the president’s directives to strengthen the system of dairy collection centers at the level of the Republic and raise their efficiency in the interest of increasing productivity and the quality of this important food product while providing the necessary funding in this regard, in addition to directing to support the national veal project and double its size and productivity and expand the involvement of NGOs in this framework ; Because it has an effective network of communication with young educators at the republic level, in order to present a pilot project for them.
The newspaper quoted a spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic, Ambassador Bassam Radi, as saying that the meeting dealt with developments of the Ministry of Agriculture projects in a number of areas, as well as the Sinai development project, where the developments of livestock, poultry and fish production projects were reviewed, including the national vitality rehabilitation project, the dairy production increase project and the filling in the blanks project. And the completion of productive capacities in farms with the aim of increasing livestock and the genetic improvement project, in addition to presenting the executive position to the Sinai development projects and reviewing the proposals and scenarios presented in this regard, especially with regard to the reclamation project and Tzraa land in addition to the provision of water resources efforts and infrastructure necessary to support these projects.
Under the headline “Sisi salutes nursing on their international day,” Al-Gomhoria newspaper highlighted President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi’s praise for the efforts and sacrifices of nursing personnel within the framework of the noble humanitarian message they performed with honor and honor.
The newspaper quoted a post on his personal page on social media on the occasion of the International Nursing Day, in which he said, “On World Nursing Day, on my own behalf and on behalf of the great Egyptian people, I offer a tribute of appreciation and respect to the nursing personnel who make expensive sacrifices for the sake of this noble human message that they perform With special hard and honor during this difficult period, during which they prove their competence and devotion to the homeland and its people. “
On the Corona virus, and under the title “Global Health: The situation is stable in Egypt”, the newspaper “Al-Ahram” stated that the World Health Organization confirmed that things in Egypt are stable with regard to the spread of the Corona virus, and that the epidemiological situation is monitored daily with the Ministry of Health and Population, and that the organization provides Technical support and all the capabilities you need.
The newspaper pointed out that the organization made it clear – during the press conference held by its regional office for the Eastern Mediterranean via “video conference” – that it demanded an increase in the number of examinations and tests to detect infected people and contacts with cases that proved positive for the virus, which was done by the Egyptian state.
Al-Ahram mentioned that this comes while the new virus continues its leaps in the number of infections around the world, amounting to 4.2 million cases. Therefore, the global health called for a full vigilance in dealing with lifting isolation restrictions.
In the context of local affairs news, the newspaper “Al-Akhbar” highlighted the decision of the Supreme Judicial Council headed by Chancellor Abdullah Asr in its meeting yesterday, to gradually return to work in the Court of Cassation, high appeals courts, primary courts and specialized courts, after the blessed Eid Al-Fitr holiday.
Under the title “Courts return to work after the Eid holiday,” the newspaper quoted the counselor, Mohamed Reda, deputy head of the Court of Cassation and media advisor to the President of the Council, as saying that emphasis was placed on continuing to take all preventive and precautionary measures and taking into account the controls mentioned in the decisions of the Prime Minister in this regard.
Al-Akhbar also reported Justice Minister Counselor Omar Marwan’s statements, in which he said: “We are confident that everyone is keen to follow instructions and help implement them, and it was agreed to work during the summer months to compensate for the period of postponements in the consideration of cases and to preserve the interests of citizens and will Each authority and judicial body complete the litigation automation system in conjunction with the Ministry of Communications and with technical assistance from the Ministry of Justice. “
In turn, the newspaper “Al-Gomhoria” pointed out that the Ministry of Education has ended all technical problems of schools with the online platform, and confirmed that it works efficiently at the level of the Republic.
Under the title “Shawky: The online platform works efficiently to receive research,” the newspaper quoted the Minister of Education and Technical Education Dr. Tariq Shawky as saying that technical problems facing 628 schools have been solved so that the platform efficiency is 100% in all schools in Egypt.
She pointed out that the various basic education schools had continued yesterday to receive research projects from students who wish to deliver them on paper based on conditions set by the ministry and precautionary measures aimed at reducing the risks of the spread of the emerging corona virus.
She also mentioned that the general secondary schools witnessed an average turnout to obtain the seating numbers from the schools, where the school administration committed to handing the numbers in the yards, and the entry processes were organized to prevent crowding, while the teachers wore masks and gloves.
Regarding the examinations at the end of the current academic year for the second secondary school students, Al-Gomhoria indicated that approximately 571,000 students continued to perform tests from their homes through the exam platform from their homes, where students performed their exams in the physics subjects of the Scientific and History Division of the Literary Division, where the questions came without complaint .
As for the newspaper, Al-Ahram, it is entitled “The Minister of Defense: Securing Borders in All Strategic Directions”, to highlight the affirmation of Lieutenant-General Muhammad Zaki, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and Military Production, that the armed forces fully implement their tasks to protect the homeland, preserve its sanctities and secure its borders to all Strategic directions coincide with providing all means of support to help the state agencies to confront the dangers of the Corona virus, and also noted the continuous efforts throughout the day to accomplish major national projects that are supervised by the implementation of the armed forces while maintaining the highest safety standards.
The newspaper pointed out that this came during the meeting of Lieutenant General Mohamed Zaki with students of colleges and military institutes, the Technical Institute of the Armed Forces and faculty members across colleges via the video conferencing network, in the presence of Lieutenant General Mohamed Farid, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and leaders of the main branches and a number of leaders of the armed forces.
“Al-Ahram” stated that the Minister of Defense indicated the General Command’s keenness to provide all means of support to build new generations capable of taking responsibility for protecting and defending the country, and its affirmation that young people are Egypt’s hope and a way to build its glory, with their strong will, determination and determination to challenge difficulties. .

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