Slack manager mocks Microsoft Teams and says: Not a strong competitor to us


In just two months, Microsoft Teams Collaborative Work Service nearly doubled the number of active users from 44 million to 75 million, as this jump was so impressive that Microsoft mentioned its work in the Teams sector dozens of times during a group call after the earnings.

But despite the massive increase in the number of active users daily, Stuart Butterfield, CEO of Slack – which provides group creation and shared workspaces between individuals or employees to work remotely and is a strong competitor to Microsoft – said that Microsoft Teams is not our competitor. “.

Butterfield said, according to the American website mspoweruser, that anyone who assumes Microsoft will “kill” Slack is a “bewildering” proposition.

It is reported that in late March, the number of concurrent Slack users reached 12.5 million, but we do not know anything about the current scenario which is the number of daily active users because the company has not provided the number yet, and according to LikeWeb, Microsoft Teams website has seen 187 million visits in March for 134 million visits to

“The phenomenon of working from home as a result of the coronary virus may have accelerated the digital transformation and the adoption of software for business productivity,” Slack CEO said.

It is noteworthy that CEO Stuart Butterfield recently announced the integration of Microsoft Teams that will allow Slack users to make Microsoft Teams calls from Slack, and Slack also announced additional VOIP phone integrations with Zoom, Cisco Jabber, RingCentral and Dialpad, and with this new merger, you can make calls to phone numbers Actual directly from within Slack.


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