Smart bracelets for Belgium workers shake as they approach to keep social distance


Workers in the port of Antwerp in Belgium are experiencing a new wrist that vibrates when workers break the social spacing protocols and come close to each other, as bracelets, called RomwareONE , By the Belgian technology company Rombit System used (UWB) To track the exact location of workers wearing devices.

According to the British “Daily Mail” website, it was the company Rompett Rombit Port sensors are already used as a general safety measure – to protect workers from dangerous heavy machinery or to identify those who might fall into the water – and they decide to quickly redesign the technology to work and ensure commitment to social spaces.

Scoping systems are based UWB Calculates the position of the object by measuring the time it takes to transmit and receive a signal from antenna-like receivers placed around the environment.

Using a domain UWB Wrist bands, fixes RomwareONE An invisible radius around each factor and whenever someone wears another wrist into this space, his wrist will begin to vibrate until both ends move to a safe distance.

And she said Rombit The bracelets protect the privacy of their wearers because they do not contact the cloud, and data about interactions with other bracelets is stored locally, on the same bracelets, and is deleted after three weeks.

The company offers a range of customization options for new potential customers, including WiFi or Etisalat options GPS.

She explained Rombit It is also investigating how wrist bands are used as part of a larger contact tracking system, by registering all of its wrist IDs that have passed near each other, although nothing has been finished.

After announcing the testing of these bracelets, I confirmed Rombit They have received orders from more than 400 companies from 99 countries around the world, and they hope to increase their production capacity to produce 25,000 devices by the end of May, and they will expand further in summer.


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