Spotify reveals new features that allow parents to control their children’s song lists


A new feature in the Spotify kids app allows parents to exercise more control over their children’s listening habits, as the music streaming site says that there are two new features that will allow parents to view their children’s listening record, and block any content that they may find unacceptable, and to use new tools, parents can move To the settings in their app.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the option of “Grown Ups” can be selected, after which the choice of the account of the children they want to view and look at its history, which includes anything that has been streamed during the past three months.

Also in the same window, they can also block specific tracks from being heard by children on their accounts.

Banned songs are associated with specific accounts, which means that parents can choose which songs are allowed for each child on the account separately.

The feature could be a way for parents to save themselves from songs they find exciting, exaggerated, or both, as Spotify also says its standalone app for kids, which was published in Canada and France earlier this year, will also be expanded to Japan and Germany.

Spotify has been clear that the app is still in beta, but it’s slowly expanding its global availability since the service was launched exclusively in Ireland last October.

Among the differences between Spotify’s kids app and its regular music streaming service, data collection practices. Unlike the main Spotify app, the kids ’version will now sponsor songs and other content based on previous listening data making it compliant with the rules of data collection practices.

The experiment is also ad-free and costs $ 14.99 a month, and each additional profile added to the account will cost the same amount, and there are with up to six allowed profiles.

Songs in the app are not organized by an algorithm like other child-focused services provided by major broadcasting platforms like YouTube, but by real people.


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