Study: Using technology to communicate, the elderly feel isolated during the Corona crisis


A study revealed that millions of elderly people feel more isolated than ever during the crisis of the Corona virus due to a lack of technical knowledge while increasing the use of various means of technology, and also it was found through a recent study, that they are avoiding making an appointment with the general doctor via a video call, according to what According to the website of the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the poll, which was conducted on 1000 adult relatives over the age of 70 years, showed that more than half prefer to wait for a personal appointment instead of using electronic means of communication.

The study was commissioned by BT Skills for Tomorrow, Where I also found that 53% of the elderly were struggling to adapt to life under the shutdown procedures.

Researchers also found in OnePoll6 of 10 respondents said their elderly relatives felt more isolated as a result of the crisis COVID-19However, more than half of them are concerned that older adults are not able to acquire new skills when it comes to using technology effectively.

Group director said BT For digital effect Kerensa Jennings“Technology has become a primary lifeline for millions of people today.”

“To combat loneliness, we must ensure that older people can benefit from the benefits that technology provides, from accessing vital services to staying in touch with family and friends,” she added.

“Even picking up some relatively simple digital skills can make a huge difference to the lives of the elderly and those they care about during the shutdown,” she said.

As she emphasized, these skills can include doing online shopping, accessing health services, or enjoying face-to-face calls with your loved ones.

The survey also found that those surveyed felt that email was WhatsApp The two platforms that the elderly will be more able to use.


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