Sudan refuses to sign a partial agreement with Ethiopia on the “Renaissance Dam”


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Abdullah Hamdock, Sudanese Prime Minister, affirmed his country’s refusal to sign a partial agreement with Ethiopia on the “Renaissance Dam”, stressing his country’s firm position on the importance of reaching a tripartite agreement between Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt before starting to fill the dam, after Addis Ababa announced the date to start filling the dam Renaissance in next July.

In his response to the letter of the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed related to an Ethiopian proposal to sign a partial agreement for the first filling, Tuesday, Hamdouk considered that signing any partial agreement for the first stage could not be approved, given the presence of technical and legal aspects that must be included in the agreement, including the coordination mechanism and data exchange Dam integrity and environmental and social impacts, according to the Sudanese News Agency.

Hamdouk stressed that the way to reach a comprehensive agreement is the immediate resumption of negotiations, which have made significant progress during the past four months, and he explained that Sudan believes that the current conditions may not allow negotiations through regular diplomatic channels, but can be resumed through digital conferences, “video conferencing” And other technological means to complete the negotiation process and agree on the remaining points.

For his part, Dr. Saleh Hamad, head of the negotiating committee, head of the technical body for water resources and the official of transit water affairs at the Ministry of Irrigation, explained in press statements that most of the issues are under negotiation, the most important of which is the coordination mechanism, data exchange, dam safety, and environmental and social impacts, closely related, not only to filling. The first, but in all stages of filling and long-term operation, and therefore can not be divided.

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