Talk Show News .. The secret of the increasing number of corona injuries in Egypt .. Guest Ahmed Moussa is crying on the air .. Weather forecast announces the weather during Eid Al Fitr


“Sada Al-Balad” website published on Tuesday a group of important news from the TV programs, where Tok Show programs covered many issues and topics, and it also hosted a number of officials, experts and public figures, in addition to a number of phone interventions, the following are the most prominent:

Osama Haykal, the Minister of State for Information, said that the country’s precautionary measures to curb the spread of the Coruna virus started from the beginning of March.

Osama Haykal, the Minister of State for Information, said that there was a desire to remove the ban after the Eid, but we saw the completion of the partial ban procedures from eight in the evening until six in the morning, hoping for an improvement in the situation, in preparation for coexistence with the Corona virus.

The reader, Salah El-Gamal, started his circle with the media, Ahmed Moussa, with a set of beautiful and influential religious supplications, on the night of the 27th of Ramadan.

Dr. Iman Shaker, Director of the Remote Sensing Authority of the Meteorological Authority, said that the degree of heat reached Cairo to 43, explaining that the General Authority of Meteorology indicated that there is a continuous heat wave until next Thursday.

Dr. Mahmoud Khalil, director of Imbaba Fever Hospital, said that the fire, which occurred a while ago, occurred outside the hospital, explaining that there is a great distance between the fire and the patient’s stone.

Artist Mohamed Ramadan joked his fans saying: “The Prince Number One series … series number one in Egypt and the Arab world.”

The director, Enas Al Degheidy, asked a question to the singer Mahmoud Al-Osaili, saying, “Your recognition of shisha love is successful, it is not explicit.”

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