Tamer Hosni celebrates the birthday of Basma Bousil: the most beautiful and compassionate wife and mother of our Lord bless you Lina


The star Tamer Hosni celebrated the birthday of his wife, Moroccan artist Basma Bousil, on the tunes of his song “Every year and you are good”, through his account on “Instagram”, commenting: “Every year, you are the most precious person in my life every year and you are my love every year May God make you and our children safe.

The artist Tamer Hosny was keen on mourning the “addict” page Urtlas Tamer HosnyThrough the social networking site Facebook.

And the artist Tamer Hosni said, on his Facebook page: “God bless you, Soha, your journey was great with illness and you were a believer girl as much as our Lord and you were saying praise be to God.”

He added: “My soul is with the one who curves you from the whole world, and in the month of Ramadan, I mean, for sure, now you know our Lord, He loves you, what is the beautiful place in which you are now, and your choice in the month of Ramadan is the most beautiful and good conclusion … God have mercy on you, the most beautiful angel.”

It is noteworthy that the last works of the singer Tamer Hosni, singing within the opera “You are stronger” with the participation of King Mohammed Mounir, Diva Samira Saeed, the star Saber Al-Rabaiy, the star Wael Jassar, the star Carole Samaha, which is written by Medhat Al-Adl and composed by Amr Mostafa, distributed by Nader Hamdy, Take out the clip to Tareq Al-Arian.

The words of the operetta say: Every day the sun rises, dictates the light of existence … every moment of good transgresses in the hearts and not roses … it is the light of humanity that transcends boundaries .. You are stronger .. You are the most … the secret of the secrets of life .. Extend your hands above and pray for love and God .. sang for the great love of hope .. long live life. “


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