Tariq Hamid beating Ramiz Jalal .. and an unexpected reward from Murtada Mansour


Tariq Hamid, the Egyptian national team and the Zamalek club, was a victim of Ramiz Jalal’s mold in an episode of “Ramiz Majnoun Official.”Ramez Jalal spoke at the front of the program about Hamed, describing him as a thug, who follows legal and illegal methods to stop his opponents on the field, and that he does not mind causing a pelvis crack or a broken collar of the opponent during play.

Ramiz expressed his fear of Tareq Hamid’s roughness and his reaction after the prank, especially as his muscles were twisted.

At the end of the dump, Tariq Hamid rushed to Ramiz, but as he went out, he fell into the water pit, to go out and start hitting Ramiz Jalal, pushing him into the water and continuing hitting him.

After the end of the episode, Mortada Mansour, president of the Egyptian club Zamalek, announced the cancellation of the fine signed on Tariq, and wrote on his Facebook page: With 500 thousand pounds because of his appearance with the insane madman Ramez Jalal, after he was stuck in a studio in the program among his men.

Murtada Mansour confirmed that Tariq Hamid taught Madame Ramiz a lesson in the manhood of Zamalek.

It is noteworthy that the “Ramez Majnoon Official” program is shown daily on the screen of MBC Egypt at six thirty in the evening, throughout the month of Ramadan.

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