Telegraph: Hifter gave British mercenaries huge sums of money for a failed operation against Turkey


The newspaper “The Daily Telegraph” revealed the participation of British mercenaries in a military operation in favor of retired Major General Khalifa Hifter in exchange for huge sums, noting that this process “ultimately failed”.

The British newspaper said in an article written by Gareth Brown, that 5 British mercenaries participated in an operation to operate attack helicopters in favor of Haftar, in exchange for donations that sometimes reached $ 150,000 per person, for their role in the process that ultimately failed.

She explained that the mercenaries were former members of the Royal Navy and the British Air Force and were among 20 foreign mercenaries.

She added that they had traveled to Libya last June, in an operation to direct attack helicopters and speedboats to intercept alleged Turkish ships supporting the internationally recognized government of Tripoli, according to the Telegraph.

The newspaper quoted a source who said that he was familiar with a secret international report that revealed that failed plan that the mercenaries involved in it were receiving a month based on a 3-month contract that ranged between 30 and 50 thousand dollars, or 20 and 40 thousand dollars, depending on the nature of the mission, whether it was a pilot Or a member of the flight crew.

The British newspaper revealed that the international investigation concluded that the operation was led by Stephen Lodge, a former South African Air Force officer, who also served in the British army.

In an interview with the newspaper, Lodge categorically denied the facts of the events detailed in the UN secret report, saying “all the information is incorrect.”

The confidential report prepared for the United Nations Sanctions Committee said that this operation ended in failure after Haftar objected to the quality of the helicopters purchased from South Africa through Mozambique.

The twenty mercenaries were forced to flee on an inflatable boat to Malta only 4 days after their arrival, to be arrested there, and subsequently released without any charges being brought against them, the newspaper quoted the secret report as saying.

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