The American Space Force launches the X-37B on a secret mission after it was postponed


The Atlas V missile launched the X-37B spacecraft on a secret mission to the US Space Force and the Air Force on Sunday, after the launch delay was delayed on Saturday due to bad weather, as the ULA Atlas V missile launches a mission or OTV-6, according to “space” “The American, the upcoming OTV-6 mission will be the seventh mission of the American Space Force, and it has the designation USSF-7, as it will be launched from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Station in Florida.

The X-37B unmanned space plane is operated by the U.S. Air Force Rapid Response Capacity Office.

The Air Force and Space Forces also have two space robots and have launched five long-term, but secret missions, since 2010.

The mission will deploy FalconSat-8, a small satellite developed by the Air Force Academy and sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory to conduct several experiments on orbit.

The mission is also conducting two experiments from NASA to study the effects of radiation and other space effects on a sample plate of materials and seeds used in food cultivation.

She will also conduct another experiment presented by the Marine Research Laboratory, converting solar energy into microwave radio frequency energy, which can then be transferred to Earth.

It should be noted that this will be the 139th mission of the United Launch Alliance, as it is the 84th position for the fifth and seventh Atlas missile in Genesis 501.


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