The arrest of the “Prince” revenge leaker .. The director withdraws the communication


The arrest of the “Prince” revenge leaker .. The director withdraws the communication

The “Prince” series is well-watched (from the series)
The arrest of a leaked scene of revenge

Cairo – Marwa Abdel Fadil

May 16

A crisis faced by the makers of the Egyptian series “Al-Prince”, starring the artist Mohamed Ramadan, as they were surprised to leak an important video clip of the series that has not yet been shown, and the matter reached police stations.

The details are due to the fact that the pioneers of social networking sites shared a scene of the “Prince” series that is considered one of its most important scenes, especially since it represents the end of the work and how “Radwan El Prince” took revenge on his brothers, after they killed his wife and son and imprisoned him for the inheritance.

Some of the series’ followers accused the work makers of being behind the leaking of this important scene, a kind of propaganda to increase the controversy over the series, which achieved great public success, especially as it presented Mohamed Ramadan in a new personality, away from the roles of bullying in which he was known throughout the series of his series and films. It seems that the director of the work, Mohamed Sami, was provoked by this accusation, which prompted him to file a complaint with the police to prove these accusations.

After investigations, it became clear that behind the leakage of the scene, a Editor was accidentally present while working on the production of the series. After the prosecution ordered his imprisonment, the director gave up the communication, after he knew that he was the sole breadwinner for his family, and his mobile phone was searched, and it was found that there were no other scenes from the series.

The accused admitted that he sent the clip to his fiancee to see the scene of Prince’s revenge, especially as the series caused a sensation and became the conversation of the Egyptians. His fiancee asked to see the scene before anyone, so that the latter would send it to a number of her girlfriends, and from here the video spread quickly.

“Al-Prince” series, starring Mohamed Ramadan, Nour Lebanese, Rogina, Edward, Ahmed Zahir, and a story directed and directed by Mohamed Sami.

The series revolves around the “Prince” family, “through the personality of Radwan El Prince, who embodies the role of artist Mohamed Ramadan, who works in the field of auto repair in his father’s workshop, and finds himself responsible for his family after the death of his parents, and then the family problems between him and his six siblings explode.

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