The arrest of the suspect in the rape of the star of the Egyptian communication websites, Menna Abdel Aziz – Erm News


The security services in Egypt arrested Mazen Ibrahim, who is accused of raping the star of the social networking sites Menna Abdulaziz (17 years), after a video of her spread through the communication sites, in which she claims that he raped her with the complicity of 3 girls before she retracted her statements.

Security sources said that “the arrest of the young man came based on the investigations of the Ministry of the Interior, following the spread of videos and breaching images between the complainant, Menna and Mazen.”

The sources indicated to “Erm News” that the girl was being searched for interrogation with regard to the videos that she publishes through the “Tik Tok” application, and that it carries words and incitement to debauchery.

It is reported that the star of the communication sites, Menna Abdel-Aziz, appeared earlier in a video clip crying with heartburn and saying that she was raped, beaten and shaved by some people whose names were mentioned.

She confirmed that she is an orphan girl, calling on the “government” and the concerned authorities to help her to punish the people she accused in the rolling clip.

The incident sparked widespread controversy on social media, and activists demanded the speedy arrest of the accused and the accountability of those involved in the case.

Following this, the star of the outreach sites – accused of rape – Mazen Ibrahim, and accused his colleague, Menna Abdel Aziz, of being “not virgin in the first place and challenged her morals and described them as notorious”, calling for his presentation to the forensic medicine to prove his innocence.

After Mazen Ibrahim’s statement, Mena retracted her accusations in a new video clip, to confirm that what happened was a misunderstanding, denying that she had been raped by Mazen, justifying that what happened was the result of a “rash” that some of their friends made to separate them, and that the matter is over and there is no any problem.

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