The Attorney General: Forensic medicine confirmed the death of Shadi Habashi due to “alcohol


10:21 PM

Sunday 10 May 2020

Books – Tariq Samir:

The Attorney General, Hamada Al-Sawy, confirmed that the forensic medicine report regarding the anatomical characterization of the body of the accused Shadi Habashi – he was held in custody pending the case 480 of 2018 restricting state security – proved his death due to methyl alcohol poisoning and its metabolites and the resulting acidity in the blood and inhibition of the nervous system Central and acute respiratory failure, explaining that the death is contemporary to the established history of investigations.

The Attorney General said, in an official statement today, Sunday, that the chemical laboratory in the authority stated that by examining the visceral samples taken from the body, methyl alcohol was found, and it was proven by conducting the apparent examination of the body that there are no recent biological apparent traumatic effects that indicate cohesion, attraction or violence Criminal for the deceased.

The Public Prosecution had completed the investigations by asking two other detainees, accompanied by the deceased. One of them testified that he had seen the deceased the afternoon of the day before his death mixing an amount of alcohol with a can of soda water – he gave it to him as his request – to have an intoxicating effect, and that he participated in his drinking; He injured the deceased and was subsequently transferred for treatment, confirming the safety of the mental and physical health of the deceased before that incident.

The second witness, with his knowledge of the deceased and the previous witness, blended the soda bottle they had with alcohol to have an intoxicating effect, and he also saw with them an empty and full bottle of alcohol.

The Public Prosecution called on the citizens to investigate the accuracy of the news related to various investigations related to its investigations, and to adhere to the limits of the facts and procedures it was able to announce in its statements issued by its official accounts on social media websites, in order to refute any false news, data or rumors that would Disturbing the public security and harming the public interest, confirming that it will deal decisively with the propagators of these false news and statements with the procedures stipulated by the law.

The prosecution had revealed its investigations earlier, details of the death of the accused, Shadi al-Habashi, at the clinic for Cairo Prison in Tora Prisons, after receiving notification of his death and ordering the Public Prosecutor to investigate the cause of death.

And I mentioned in a press statement last Tuesday, that with the transfer of a number of its members to debate the body of the deceased, no apparent injuries were found in it, and by asking the acting doctor in charge of Cairo’s prison on the day of the incident; he decided to notify him at dawn of this day to exhaust the deceased, and by signing a medical examination showing him good awareness and the normal rates of his signs Vital, while the latter informed him of wrongly drinking a quantity of alcohol on the afternoon of the day before his death, claiming that he was unaware of his fate and suspicion that the bottle was filled with a bottle of water, and his feeling of abdominal pain, so he gave him an intestinal antiseptic and cramps and returned him to his prison to stabilize the condition , And read the medical file make sure not to hit any previous illnesses Mzmnh- and public prosecution image I read from the file.

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