The death bomb … the virus activates by loud sound and goes on swimming


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The deadly infection bomb appears to be fired through a shout, or loud sound, to swim the emerging virus and float about 15 minutes in the air, threatening dozens to infect Corona, according to a new study published in the United States.

Although experts and doctors have repeatedly emphasized that the emerging virus, which has affected more than 4 million people worldwide until now, is transmitted through saliva particles suspended in the air, this study sheds light on a new approach or detailed angle in the way of knowing more about the epidemic. .

A study published yesterday, Wednesday, showed that the speech generates small particles that can remain suspended in the air in a closed space for more than 10 minutes, highlighting the likely role of these particles in spreading the emerging corona virus.

Speak loudly

Researchers at the National Institute of Gastroenterology, Diabetes and Kidney in the United States conducted an experiment in which a person spoke loudly, repeating the phrase “preserve your health” for 25 seconds in a closed box.

The laser beams shed on the box showed small particles that could be seen and counted and remained suspended in the air for 12 minutes, according to the study published in the journal “Lecturer of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States of America.”

Given the concentration of the virus in saliva, scientists have estimated that every minute of speaking aloud can generate more than a thousand particles that contain the virus and are able to remain in the air for eight minutes or more indoors.

“This direct embodiment showed how normal conversations generate particles that are airborne and remain suspended for tens of minutes and are remarkably capable of transmitting disease in confined spaces,” the researchers conclude.

The same team also noted that speaking with a louder voice generates fewer particles, in research published in the New England Journal of Medicine in April.

It is noteworthy that if it is possible to confirm the level of infection capture through speech, then this could give a scientific boost to the recommendations of putting a muzzle on the face in many countries, and also help in understanding the rapid spread of the virus.

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