The director of “Isolation of Al-Ajami” as she passed by the patients of Corona: “I do not need a full name of it, Dr.” (photos)


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Dr. Mervat Al-Sayed, Director of Al-Ajmi Central Hospital dedicated to isolating those infected with Corona Virus «Covid-19» in Alexandria, conducted a field tour to check on the health of patients and their conditions and monitor their satisfaction with the medical service provided by the medical and nursing staff during their detention period to receive treatment in the hospital, as well as to ensure that Improve the service or not.

“Mervat” said in statements to “Al-Masry Al-Youm” that the policy of “all is perfect, Dr.” is not mentioned in her administrative and functional dictionary at all, which makes her keen to follow up the conditions of patients on the regular basis without waiting for the office reports, noting that they She passed through all the patients, yesterday from one oclock in the afternoon until the call to prayer in Morocco, to check on everyone and learn about their problems and needs, whether medical, food or administrative.

She explained that she had distributed “meals, pizza, cake and sweets” that the doctors had in the possession of the patients by entering each patient in his own room and asking him about the medical service provided to him and whether he was satisfied with it or not, noting that everyone praised the medical service and dealing with all members of the medical and nursing staff and workers .

She stressed the availability of medical supplies, drugs and meals inside the hospital. She concluded her visit to the patients by caressing them, saying to them: “Come on, I want you to defeat the virus and look forward to safety, so we can only imagine all of us in the sun righteousness of the hospital.”

Al-Ajmi isolation hospital
Al-Ajmi isolation hospital
Al-Ajmi isolation hospital

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