The elected council lasts 4 years


An official source for the Football Association revealed that the official of the International Football Association “Sarah Salimon” informed the officials of the five-year committee that manages the Football Association during its meeting with them on Monday morning that the elections will take place on time during the months of August or September next and will not be postponed at all unless the Egyptian Federation is forced to This is due to an outbreak of the Corona virus.

The source pointed out that the FIFA official informed the members of the quinquennial committee that what was reported by the officials of the Egyptian Olympic Committee regarding the continuation of the new mountain council in one year, as stipulated by the Egyptian Sports Law No. 71 of 2017 contradicts FIFA regulations and the Olympic Charter, especially as the Egyptian law and the Olympic Charter agreed to establish Elections next August, after the end of the Olympic Games, which was scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan, next July. Meh elections in a special time that no one knows whether the pandemic Corona will continue until next year or not, and if renewed pandemic in the next summer also postponed the Games Olympics again Will there be time to elect a new Council for one year also, this is unacceptable.

The FIFA official asked the officials of the quinquennial committee to prepare for the holding of the general assembly to discuss and approve the new draft regulation for the Football Association and determine the appropriate date for the meeting, provided that the elections take place in August or September next.

On Sunday morning, the five-party committee held a meeting with FIFA delegate “Sarah Salimon” via video conference to discuss the amendments to the new regulation of the Football Association, especially those items that regulate the electoral process and the conditions for running in the upcoming elections and the formation of the new council.

According to a source in the Football Association, the FIFA delegate agreed that the new council of the Football Association should be composed of 9 members, including a woman, after she was initially adhering to the existence of two women among the members of the council, but the officials of the five-year committee informed the FIFA delegate that the General Assembly clubs will reject the presence of two women among the members of the Council Administration .


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