The European Union confirms its ability to return to the Champions League


UEFA President Alexander Chevirin believes that his organization has the ability to complete the Champions League and European League competitions next summer, despite the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging in the European continent.

The European Champions League and European League competitions were disrupted due to the pandemic of the Corona virus, which is widespread in the European continent at present.

Chevirin revealed in an interview with beIN Sports: There are plans for the UEFA to return the competitions, but he is still waiting for the UEFA Executive Council to adopt the dates officially.

“As far as things are currently going on, I am confident that we will complete the European season, and that means European Union competitions,” he added.

European Football Association
European Football Association

Chevirin confirmed his confidence in the ability of European leagues to end the current season. As for the canceled leagues, they must enter the qualifiers to participate in European competitions as described by the President of the European Union.

The Champions League matches were stopped before the end of the sixteen-day clashes, and reports indicated that the European Union aims to end the competition on the twenty-ninth of next August.

The German League resumed its activities yesterday, while France, Belgium and the Netherlands ended the season.


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