The famous “ITO” kompars .. the death of Abdel-Nabi El-Sayed


The artist Abdel Nabi El-Sayed, who was best known through several roles such as “Gandhi” in the third world war and the farmer, died in “Ramadan Mabrouk Abu Al-Alamein Hammouda”.The President of the Compars Union, Ibrahim Omran, announced his death on the last day of Ramadan through Facebook, and wrote: “Survival of God died to the mercy of God, uncle Eto, the last day of Ramadan.

Abdel Nabi’s last appearance was in the series “Omar and Diab,” which featured Ramadan last and the series “The Game.”Abdel Nabi El Sayed began acting as a silentcomparse 10 years ago, and the actor who became famous for the phrase “Ito” during his recent “Everyday” show with the media Basma Wahba drew attention to the fact that after his participation in the movie “Ramadan Abu El Alamein Hammouda” the name “Ito” was launched. ” on him.

Ibrahim Imran said that the body of the body had already taken place and he learned of the death of his son, and prayed to God to have mercy on him, commenting: “He was a very good man, simple and satisfied with his little and wanted to eat only.”

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