The father of the children is a victim of the “Dokki Fire”: we couldn’t save them or enter them


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El-Dokki Prosecution in Giza heard, on Sunday, the words of Mohamed Said El-Gammal, a consultant of cardiovascular diseases, and his wife, about the details of the death of their 4 children, and found them for their mother, in the fire of their apartment, which devoured its entire contents, after a short circuit.

The doctor and his wife, for the prosecution, headed by Omar Shaheen, said that they were sleeping at noon last Friday, and they appealed to the sounds of a short circuit, and they rushed to their neighbors in the 7-storey building, to help them, and help them extinguish the fire that broke out in the apartment, adding that within a few minutes And immediately after informing the civil protection forces, the fire spread from the hall to the children’s bedrooms and grandmother, and after that they heard the calls of the youngsters and the “old man”, and they were unable to enter their whereabouts, in addition to being severely tired, due to the intensity of the fumes, when they tried to enter To save the victims.

They added to the prosecution: “Our children Ahmed, Yassin, Karim, and Malik, whose ages ranged between 10 to 16 years, were asleep, and they could not act when the fire broke out their movement, as it spread to their two bedrooms, and there is no other outlet in the two rooms that children can jump from. And save their lives, as the two rooms overlook an inner skylight, and its window is sealed, as was the case in the bedroom of the grandmother of children, who died suffocating after inhaling the fumes heavily, then her age became weak and her movement was unable to rise from her place, and she breathed the smoke and died.

Witnesses from the neighbors confirmed, during the investigations, that they saw smoke billowing from the balcony of the apartment on the third floor, and they tried to save the doctor’s children and his mother-in-law by extinguishing the fire, but that his intensity did not enable them, so they called the fire police and informed the rescue.

And the neighbors recounted that they heard the calls of the victims’ appeals, “We joined us with death … the apartment loves us”, and within minutes, the fire trucks came, and after about an hour, they managed to extinguish the fire, and the bodies of the 4 children were found charred, and a fifth corpse turned out to be the grandmother of the children, Ambulances carried them to the Zeinhom morgue.

The Public Prosecution inspection revealed that the fire started in the apartment hall, which is located on an area of ​​150 meters, and that the parents of the children were rescued, as they were in a separate room from the two children’s rooms and found them.

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