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# Al.Futwa.E10 | The Fatwa series, episode 10, starring Yasser JalalAfter showing eight episodes of the Al-Fatwa series, starring Yasser Jalal and Ahmed Salah Hosni, which is shown through the Al-Hayat Al-Ahmar channel, and the series has become at the forefront of the Al-Fatwa series, the Google search engine in many Arab countries that follow this work, which has become one of the most viewed works on YouTube and other viewing sites and has achieved A great success revolves around the series 100 years ago and talks about the bullies and that era that was present in many cities in Egypt at that time and the bullies give the poor the right and help the poor and do not satisfy injustice and many things that were happening at that time.

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Fatwa series 10 h

The series “Al-Fatwa” starring Yasser Galal with the role of “Hassan Al-Jabali” and Ahmed Salah Hosni in the role of “Azmi Ibn Fatwa Al-Jamaliah” and Mai Omar “Lail, the daughter of Fatwa Al-Jamaliah” and Najla Badr, who embodies the “beautiful” character and Riyadh Al-Khouli, who embodies the personality of “The Master Syed Al-Laban” / Fatwa Al-Madbah ”, Ahmed Khalil, who embodies the personality of“ Saber or Shadid / Fatwa Aestheticism ”, Hanadi Muhanna, who embodies the personality of“ Sugar ”, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, who embodies the character of“ Mabrouk Ibn Al-Sheikh Al-Hilal ”and Leila Ahmed Zahir, who embodies the personality of“ Nora Hassan Ahmed Al-Jabali ”and Aida Riad embodies the personality of the wife of “Fatwa Al-Gamaliah” and it was written by Hany Sarhan and directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi Production company Synergy.

Al-Fatwa series, the ninth episode 9
Al-Fatwa series, the ninth episode 9

Al-Fatwa series, the ninth episode 9

The last episode witnessed a very great excitement, the most prominent knowledge of Hassan Al-Jabali, the secret of the gold buried in his copper shop under the mother’s prophet after the congratulations of Ibn Al-Sheikh Al-Hilal informed him of the mystery found in the secrets of his mother, who was buried in the aesthetic, to meet Hassan Belil and talk with her and she became aware of who is the fatwa The masked person “He said to her,“ Hassan Al-Jabali ”“ He is in the sons of Adam, the creation of our Lord. He is able to lie, and he will reach you. If you see this hard, my eyes will see you, that you will not give me praise and praise our Lord. ”

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Al.Futwa.E10 | The Fatwa series, episode 10, starring Yasser Jalal, on Alhayah TV

Al.Futwa.E10 – Fatwa 10 Yasser Jalal

At the end of the conversation, Lille says to him, “If the obligatory person shows the handkerchief’s handbook, then turn it on with my hands, then Hassan Al-Jabali responds to it and says,“ If I knew who he was, ”then the conversation between them ends, and after that Hassan speaks with“ Ahdi Sadiq ”who works with him in the shop and said In a treasure if you get it, tell me to do any Muslim, such as what I want my father, and we will not release him from his hiccup to respond to him and rise. “Throw him in the Nile before he stays in blood.

After that, the aesthetic fatwa and his son Azmi come out to inspect the conditions of the aesthetic and the people, and whether they are exposed to injustice or not. The star, “Selmian Eid,” tells the father of Azmi, the aesthetic fatwa, on what happens in the neighborhood in the absence of the real fatwa, Ahmed al-Jabali, who passed away, “Hassan al-Jabali’s father,” and he said we have not seen a good day since the death of Ibn Jabali.

A lot of fans of the old Egyptian drama are waiting for the new episode of the Fatwa series, which will witness great excitement after Hassan Ahmed Al-Jabali demanded that my intention to marry, but my intention refused and said our Lord is enough for us evil, and Hassan Jabali’s love for the daughter of Fatwa Aesthetic is becoming more and more but there are those who want to love her Or he feels that Jebali loves the night, and she is Naglaa Badr, who embodies a “beautiful” character.

The tenth episode of the series “Fatwa” witnessed very exciting events after Hassan Al-Jabali’s exit from Al-Khawrah, due to the lack of a grain for that place and his lack of affiliation with her, but Azmi wanted to sit, but he left and appeared for the first time. “Hassan Al-Jabali”, who embodies the personality of Ahmed Al-Jabali, who was Victory is victorious, but it was betrayed because of the treasure of blood that Hassan found in the seventh episode after Sheikh Mabrouk came to him and spoke to him about the treasure and he was buried in the private shop of Hassan under Bashayer “Nabot’s mother.”

The dates of the series of the “Fatwa” series, the tenth episode

You watch the 9th Fatwa series on the Al-Hayat Al-Ahmar channel at 2:00 am after midnight, and the first replay begins at 4:00 am and the second replay is at 4:30 pm Egypt time.

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