“The Fatwa” series is a qualitative leap in my artistic career


The artist Ahmed Salah Hosni expressed his happiness with the positive reactions that he touched regarding the series (Al-Fatwa) that is presented in the current Ramadan race, noting that the series represents an addition and a qualitative shift in his artistic career.

Salah Hosni said, in a press statement today, Thursday, that the fatwa is a very important experience for him, especially as he is receiving success from the audience, and this is what he has received from the reactions and the interaction of the viewers with the episodes presented and their interest in knowing what the events will reach .. indicating that he did not hesitate to participate In the series, especially after he read the role and found it completely far from what he presented in his recent works, stressing that the nature of the role is the key to his presentation.

He clarified that he embodies the personality of “Azmi Abu Shadid” who is a fatwa and carries the character of evil, and that he seeks diversity and offering different and far-reaching roles, stressing that his presentation of a second role in (the fatwa) after presenting the absolute heroism in the past is not considered a regression, indicating that since his entry Acting and does not think in this way. It does not make sense to present a hero in a work that absolutely rejects the second roles.

Ahmed Salah Hosni: a series

And he saw that any work that does not depend on one individual, but is not complete except with the availability of all elements, but the matter is always steps that the representative takes to reach the highest level, pointing out that he offers any role assigned to him as the champion of this role by focusing on it and working on it .. Considering that every step he took is a championship, starting from the small role to the largest to the first champion, the process is stages and depends on the diligence of the actor, stressing that he is not a fan of fast stardom because when he decided to enter acting he considered him his profession in which he wanted to develop and make something in it.

The series deals with the social life in the neighborhood (aesthetic) a hundred years ago, through the personality of the fatwa, and the individuals surrounding it, as it deals with some other events related to the Egyptian neighborhood in the past, specifically with the beginning of the twentieth century, where it highlights the era of the bullies and conflicts that took place during this age.

The series includes Yasser Jalal, Mai Omar, Najla Badr, Riyadh Al-Khouli, Ahmed Khalil, a bouquet of artists, written by Hani Sarhan and directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi.


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