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The first European country to announce the end of ...

Source: Reuters

The government of Slovenia announced on Thursday evening the end of a virus epidemic Sk Officially in the country, becoming the first European country to do so, after the authorities confirmed fewer than seven new infections a day with the virus over the past two weeks.

The government said in a statement that arrivals to Slovenia now from European Union countries are no longer obligated to enter the quarantine for at least seven days, as was the case since the beginning of April.

The country with a population of two million people, bordering Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, has recorded 1464 cases of Corona virus so far and 103 deaths. The authorities announced the spread of the pandemic virus on March 12.

The government said that foreigners showing symptoms of a SK infection would not be allowed in.

The quarantine will remain for at least 14 days, for those coming from outside the European Union, with the exception of some exceptions that include diplomats and those who transport cargoes.

The government said citizens would still have to follow basic rules to prevent the possible spread of infection.

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