The first reaction from the Tunisian federation after the ruling of imprisoning Hamdi Al-Naqaz


The Tunisian Football Federation decided to appoint a committee to defend Hamdi El-Naqaz, a former player in Zamalek, after a 4-month prison sentence and a fine.

On Thursday morning, the court in Tunisia sentenced Al-Naqaz to 4 months in prison, with immediate effect, and a fine of 100 dinars.

The official page of the Tunisian Federation said on the social networking site “Facebook”: “The university commissioned a defense team for the international player Hamdi Al-Naqaz, to monitor his status, and the university office decided to form a defense committee.”

He continued: “The university members, Amin Mogo and Hamid Al-Maghrabi, and a member of the National Professional Football League, Hatem Dawra, were assigned to the prosecution and defense of the aforementioned player.”

He concluded, “The defense committee, in coordination with his lawyer, will take the necessary legal measures at the appeal stage to request the release of the player.”

It is noteworthy that Hamdi Al-Naqaz canceled his unilateral contract with Zamalek club 5 months ago, before he succeeded in winning his case against the White Castle against FIFA.


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