The first response from Mahalla to Osama Nabih’s statements


12:13 am

Friday 08 May 2020

Books – Mustafa Al-Gretly:

Hossam Ezzo, the football team supervisor and a member of the El-Mahalla Spinning Club, denounced the statements of Osama Nabih, the former player of their team, during which he indicated that he deliberately wasted opportunities in front of Zamalek.

Osama Nabih, had said – during his arrival as a guest on the game program and the story broadcast on the Ontime Sport satellite channel earlier today, Thursday: I had many chances in the match, and my heart did not obey me to score in Zamalek, and I was playing Ibrahim Hassan at the time, and I said to him in a ball between me and “Shell”.

These are the statements that a member of the Al-Mahalla Spinning Club denounced, during his talk to Masrawy: “We are not a small club, so we can talk about it.”

A member of the Al-Mahalla Club Board of Directors stated that the Council is currently continuing to discuss how the response to Osama Nabih’s statements will be: With a lot within 48 hours, we will announce our position on what is being transferred.

Osama Nabih, he explained that he went out on loan from Zamalek to the Kuwaiti team for the 2001-2002 season, and the season ended in Kuwait in December, so he returned to Egypt and joined the ranks of spinning Mahalla on loan.


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