The gold fond of today’s fire reached 765 pounds per gram


We are keen to provide a distinguished service to our generous audience by spreading gold prices today in the jewelery shops and witnessed a big rise today

Gold prices came today Monday, May 18, 2020 as follows:

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The price per gram of 21 carat gold from 763 and 765 pounds per gram, and this type is the most widely traded.
As recorded, a gram of 18 carat gold from 653 and 655 pounds per gram.

The price per gram of 24 carat gold from 870 and 873 pounds per gram.

And the price of a gram of gold today, caliber 22, is about 778 to 780 pounds per gram.

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And the gram of gold today recorded 14 carat about 509 to 509 pounds per gram.
As the price of the gold pound today recorded about: 6112 pounds


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