The governor is head of state and the arrest of construction violators .. Sisi’s messages


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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Today, Thursday, President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi inaugurated the civil development project “Bashaer Al-Khair 3” in Alexandria Governorate, which included 10 thousand and 624 housing units.

The speech of President Labissi carried a number of messages to citizens, state agencies and medical staff, monitored by Masrawy:

The Corona virus crisis is professionally and scientifically managed.

Precautions must be adhered to to minimize the number of injuries.

The Egyptian state has the ability to confront the emerging corona virus

Rates of increase in the number of coronavirus infections are a normal development.

– Attention must be paid to sports and healthy food in order to increase immunity against corona.

– We are concerned about the first corona of the crisis … “Just let it be.”

The names of the martyrs of doctors, the army, the police, and the elimination of residential neighborhoods

A legal authority must remain in it and we all respect the law

– We will not go after the slums for the rest of our lives. We must stop this issue.

Destruction of the state is worse than terrorism.

– That is, you can get past the poor, lean .. say his sheels and get arrested.

– It was not because of 2011 that it will never be again. Someone is afraid of taking, tired and building.

Stopping any construction works in Cairo, Alexandria, and Giza completely, other than national projects

We are a country in confrontation with its future, seeking sincerity and seriousness, and who is not able to say thank you, I am not able.

– We will not bring the Egyptians to violations of their breasts, we see that it is not appropriate to release the Egyptians to the need of ZD.

Compensation for families affected by the new link to Alexandria Port.

The goal of the Mahmudiya axis is to prepare Alexandria for development projects.

Welcome to investors and developers.

– The governor is the president of a small country, and he must take appropriate decisions to confront the violations and transgressions on the state’s lands.

– Governors and security directors took to the streets to monitor violations and land violations.

– The governor has the right to refuse to issue building permits only after studying the situation.

There is no country that allows building a building or facility of 14 floors without any facilities.

It is not possible to talk about urban communities without infrastructure

Citizens should know how and how the country thinks.

When we spoke about the Mahmudiyah axis two years ago, the reaction of the public opinion was not comfortable

The volume of traffic density in Alexandria is difficult

We found 35 mosques on the campus of Mahmoudiyah Road.

A: People want to adopt mosques for something they do not need?

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