The International Tennis Federation stops an Egyptian player for life


Source: Cairo – Reuters

The Integrity Unit of the International Tennis Federation announced the suspension of life for Egyptian Youssef Hossam for life after being convicted of manipulating match results and committing other violations.

The unit said that the 21-year-old committed 21 violations of anti-corruption rules between 2015-2019 and agreed with others to perform other corruption incidents related to betting in the lower grades of professional tennis.

The unit added that Hossam, who was punished with a pause in May last year, committed 8 match-fixing cases, six betting facilitation cases, and two cases affecting other players not to provide their best on the field.

She also convicted him of three violations related to the failure to report corruption attempts and two violations related to non-cooperation with the investigations of the Integrity Unit, and the latter said in a statement: Mr. Hussam will be permanently banned from competition or attending any events organized by the competent tennis authorities.

Hossam’s best ranking in singles during his career was 291 in December 2017 and is currently 820.

Activity stopped in the beginning of March due to the epidemic, as players in lower levels face difficulties in earning a living, and the unit that was established to uncover betting and sports issues, said that players in lower competitions are more vulnerable to corruption due to the difficulty of their financial situation.


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