“The life of Jalal Tawfiq is what sells me” … Ramiz Jalal’s words to convince Hassan Hass


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Saturday 30 May 2020

I wrote – Mona Al-Muji:

Among the artists who collaborated with the artist Hassan Hosni was the artist, Ramiz Jalal, who met him in a number of works of art, before he became a hero, and presented his first movie, “Dreams of a mindless boy”. Ramez told how Hosni persuaded him to participate in the championship.

Ramez wrote in the book “The Personalities” of the critic Tareq Al-Shennawi, which was released within the program of celebrating Hassan Hosni’s Cairo Film Festival in the fortieth session, telling about the relationship that I had with me, since I was 7 years old, saying “I will not feel shy when I say (Who am I To speak about a value the size of the mighty artist, Hassan Hosni?), But by virtue of my work in the artistic field, I had a share to meet in more than one work, whether my TV, theater or cinema. “

He continued, “I consider myself one of the lucky ones, because I saw him as a young child, I was seven years old, because he was my father’s friend, Professor Director, Father Jalal Tawfiq, may God have mercy on him, and he was a good uncle and I was still calling him this title. He comes to our house because of the deep friendship with my father.”

“On the human level, I would love to sit as a child with my father and uncle Hassan, to listen to them, and go with my father to the stage during rehearsals and sit behind the scenes, to enjoy his art and his endless abundances, and the days and years passed, I joined the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts and started a journey Professionalism, and I met Hassan’s uncle in many works, until a defining moment came to me, and it is the first movie that I star in the dreams of the mindless boy.

Ramiz suggested to the filmmakers to seek the help of Hassan Hosni, but they feared that he would refuse, and not be enthusiastic about Rams as a hero, telling the latter. Good, and there was a short conversation between them. It ended that he told me this contract quickly. I could not say no to your father, and the work continued after that with Hassan’s uncle. On this occasion, I would like to say that this man has great merit after God is upon me. ”

The artist Hassan Hosni passed away from our world at the age of 89, and a state of great sadness prevailed in the artistic community. Hassan left a great artistic legacy from the cinematic, television and theatrical works, during which he achieved success that will make him immortal in the memory of the audience who loved his look, so his appearance in any work was a guarantee of his success and the audience’s appetite for him.

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