“The Man Who Killed Bin Laden,” details the last moments of a leader


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Sunday 03 May 2020

Books – Mohamed Safwat:

The American “Fox News” network, in its documents entitled “The Man Who Killed Bin Laden,” revealed the details of the killing of Osama bin Laden, the founder of Al-Qaeda organization by the American elite forces on May 2, 2011.

And he spoke in the documentary produced by the news network, the American soldier Rob O’Neill, who carried out with his arms the killing of the first wanted on the list of American terrorists at that time, and former President Barack Obama and his administration followed it moment by moment, revealing exciting details of the killing and the last moments of Osama bin Laden.

The soldier, O’Neill, said that they had undergone extensive training for weeks before the operation, describing the ideas that circulated in his head and mission during 82 minutes of flying before the operation was carried out in a residential complex in the depth of Pakistan, in the “Abbotabad” region. North of the Pakistani capital, where bin Laden was found, it is a one-way mission that he was not expected to return from.

He continues, “It is worth the risk if we have the opportunity to bring out the man responsible for the September 11 attacks, this is what we thought about at the time.”

The documentary covers how the C6 team will land inside the walled bin Laden complex, attack the house and eventually move to bin Laden’s bedroom, to carry out the operation they came for.

“The doors of the plane have opened,” O’Neill says. “It is not a desert or a new training. There are city lights. We take risks and we may die from this risk, but it is worth it.”

O’Neill tells the details of the mission, saying, “We skipped the walls and attacked the house, and I started going up another floor with a colleague of mine on the mission, but we haven’t seen Osama bin Laden yet. I thought for a moment that if he was in his house then he was definitely in his bedroom.”

“There was a curtain, by removing him, and we found a group of women, the daughters of bin Laden and one of his wives. We expected them to wear explosive belts, but one of the team members removed them from their lives,” he added.

He added, “We caught them after a bit of support. We pushed them down and we were holding them, assuming that their belts would explode us all.”

“My colleague continued to search the house and went towards bin Laden’s room, and he expected to receive a bullet from him at any time.”

And about the moment of the meeting, he says: “Finally, I found Bin Laden, the most wanted terrorist in Washington. I panicked because he was not armed, as I thought from the beginning of the operation.”

He recounted that he found bin Laden laying his hands on the shoulders of one of his wives, placing his hand on him and pushing him to the hallway, and bin Laden turned a little standing on his feet.

The soldier continues: “At this moment I saw his face, who saw his photos thousands of times, it is bin Laden.”

“No … we met for just a second, that’s all” with these words, O’Neill replied to the announcer’s question about the conversation that took place between them.

Osama bin Laden, leader of al-Qaeda, was killed at the dawn of May 2, 2011 in Abbotabad, 120 km from the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, in a storming operation supervised by the CIA and carried out by the American army, which lasted 40 minutes.

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