The mental health curator tells a painful story of a doctor who died in Coruna: Surrender of despair


Hadeel Hilal

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Wednesday 27 May 2020 – 3:05 pm
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Wednesday 27 May 2020 – 3:05 pm

Dr. Mona Abdel-Maksoud, Secretary General of the General Secretariat for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment, said that a large part of the problem of the emerging coronavirus patient (Covid-19) within the psychiatric hospital, noting that despair facilitates complications of the disease.

She added during a meeting of the «first» space, on Wednesday morning, that one of the doctors reached the degree of despair and was nervous after being infected by a laboratory, pointing out that the situation deteriorated with increasing despair and ended in death.

She pointed out that the mere fact of the patient talking to the family on the phone, and family communication gives a boost as one of the sources of support, stressing that it makes a significant difference in the patient’s psyche.

She drew the Secretary-General of Mental Health to the severe community fear of “Covid-19” causing the so-called stigma of Corona disease, saying that exaggerating the problem led to the stigma and fear of the patient with the virus.

She explained that the new Corona, like any other virus, has weaknesses and strengths and is dealt with according to the necessary precautionary measures, noting that they are simple procedures and solve many problems.


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