The Ministry of Health is addressing its sectors to limit the newly referred pension doctors to face Corona


The Ministry of Health and Population has sent a letter to all agencies and sectors affiliated with it by specifying the required numbers of “human physicians, dentists, pharmacists, high nursing, chemists, nursing technicians, health technicians, from those recently referred to a pension for a year or less or less than two years, according to the directives of the president The Republic and in coordination with the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

She addressed the Ministry; Both the General Authority for Health Insurance, the General Authority for Hospitals and Educational Institutes, the Egyptian Ambulance Authority, the Secretariat of Specialized Medical Centers, the General Secretariat for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment, the Technical Secretariat of the National Mental Health Council, the directors of the directorates of health affairs in the governorates, in order to provide them with data for the numbers of the categories referred to According to a pilot model, in order to address the current emerging crisis of the Corona virus.



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