The New York Post: North Korean leader “missing” again


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The New York Post reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had not made any comments 12 days ago, for an unknown reason.

Commenting on the last public appearance of the North Korean leader, Robert O’Brien, US National Security Adviser, said: “Maybe the tape was really cut in the factories … but we cannot verify whether these pictures are real.”

Kim Jong Un appeared on May 2 during the opening of a fertilizer factory, cut the official traditional opening tape, and looked at the pictures in good health, in contrast to rumors of his deteriorating health severely.

The North Korean leader was absent from the birthday of his grandfather, the country’s founder, Kim Il-sung, and rumors spread due to this absence from his illness and even his death.

Some assumed that Kim Jong Un could neither stand alone nor walk normally, but his subsequent appearance dispelled all suspicions and disproved the false information promoted by major newspapers.

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