The newlyweds with sleeves .. 14 photos monitor the wedding of Mohammed Ramadan’s sister


10:49 PM

Sunday May 31, 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

Artist Mohamed Ramadan celebrated the wedding of his older sister, Iman Ramadan, on Sunday evening, on Hossam Hamed.

The wedding ceremony was attended by a group of close relatives and close friends, in one of the villas on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and a page called “celebrity photo fan” was published on Instagram through a number of photos of the Iman Ramadan wedding ceremony.

Ramadan, his sister Iman and her husband appeared, wearing a muzzle, following precautions against the Corona epidemic.

It is noteworthy that Iman Ramadan, the sister of the artist Mohamed Ramadan, celebrated last Ramadan with her marriage to “Hossam Hamid”, and the marriage was held in the home of Engineer Abdel Hamid, the father of the groom in October, in the presence of the groom’s brothers, Dr. Jihan Safi and Ahmed, the father of the bride, Hajj Ramadan and the bride’s brother, Mahmoud He forbade him and some friends, and Mohamed Ramadan was absent from being outside Cairo.

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