The Prime Minister is following the efforts of the “Health” to deliver medicines for home treatment cases for people with coronavirus


Mustafa Madbouly, Prime Minister, reviewed a report from Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health, on a number of measures taken by the Ministry regarding the response to the Coronavirus.

The Minister presented the position of drug delivery to those who are currently receiving home treatment of the Corona virus, and whose results are still positive, but their medical condition is stable, with less symptoms, and no need at the moment to be hospitalized or in a youth hostel.

The Minister pointed out that preventive medicine officials are responsible for defining the target groups for home treatment, as the bag containing the necessary drugs is provided by pharmacists and nurses in the hospital, according to the beneficiary’s condition and the treatment protocol that he is subject to.

She emphasized that the delivery of medicines to homes for home treatment cases was approved, through the Preventive Medicine Officer or the nursing or rural pioneer, with personal data being entered on the tablet for follow-up, and personal protection is provided to the drug delivery official, adding that health unit officials will have to follow up on cases, raise Reports for the Ministry of Health agencies that carry out follow-up and evaluation.

The Prime Minister praised the experience of providing medicines for cases that will be subject to home treatment of the Corona virus, and ensuring that they are delivered to homes, to avoid the transfer of the injured or those who are in contact with him to the hospital, directed to provide means of complete control of this system, and thanks to the officials of the Ministry of Health, and to the medical staff in general, for The implementation of this initiative, which will reduce pressure on hospitals, in the interest of critical care cases, stressing the need for continuous follow-up of home treatment cases.

The Minister of Health also presented details of the uses of the “Egypt Health” application submitted by the Egyptian Ministry of Health, which provides several services to raise awareness and preserve the health of citizens during the Corona virus crisis.

The Prime Minister praised the launch of the “Egypt Health” electronic application and the services provided by the Ministry of Health and Population through him, saying that it is an important step to reach the citizen and develop communication channels with him to be available through an application on his mobile phone that provides him with important and essential services to preserve his health and the safety of his family and society, stressing The country spares no effort to achieve the desired goals of its plan in the face of this epidemic.

The Minister pointed out that the application of “Health Egypt” is an alternative to telephone calls to the hotline 105, as it includes answers to common questions related to corona disease, as it allows receiving reports about oneself and others when suspicions of corona disease occur, and the operating room will receive the patient’s data And communicate with him, stressing that all data is encrypted and secured by the competent authorities in the country, and the conditions for protecting privacy apply to it.

She added that the application also provides addresses and telephone numbers of the nearest hospitals entrusted with the detection and diagnosis of Corona disease, with mapping showing the location of these hospitals, and how to reach them, and the application also alerts when entering areas that contain high rates of infection, or a quarantine for Corona disease, while providing Instructions for precautions to be followed in these regions.

She pointed out that the application of “Egypt’s Health” also offers home isolation procedures to protect oneself and others, in addition to instructions regarding the treatment available for the injured, as it explains prevention guidelines for all individuals in contact with the home during periods of domestic isolation, and helps daily follow-up during periods of home isolation through registration Daily changes in health.

According to Dr. Hala Zayed, the application includes guidelines for personal prevention and ways to live with the disease, and the state’s general plan to protect citizens, as well as news, developments and daily statistics for the numbers of injured and recovery cases, and includes articles, videos and general advice about Corona disease and how to deal with it, and issues daily daily notices and alerts Each individual individually based on his health.

The Minister of Health added that the “Health of Egypt” application includes a link within the program to provide additional services through the WhatsApp program. The application also provides links to phone numbers and official websites of the Egyptian Ministry of Health, and allows the possibility of sharing the application with others through social media and various sites, confirming that The services provided through the application are subject to continuous and permanent development.

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