The prosecution summons the family of the Al-Matariya girl, who committed suicide, under the underground wheels


On Monday, Al-Waili Prosecutor ordered the authorization to dissect and bury the body of a university girl who threw herself under the wheels of the subway in the Abbasiya area, and prepare an anatomical report and quickly commissioned criminal investigations into the incident. The prosecutor also ordered the unloading of surveillance cameras at the station, and summoned the girl’s family to hear their statements.

Major General Ashraf El-Gendy, Director of Cairo Security, received a notification from Major General Nabil Selim, Director of the Capital Investigations Department, that he received a report from Brigadier Ahmed Joudeh, the warden of the Waili Police Department, that a girl committed suicide under the underground wheels of the Abbasiya station.Immediately Lieutenant Colonel Wael Sharara, Deputy Commissioner of the Waili Police Department, and Lieutenant-Colonel Ahmed Samir, the head of the detective, moved to the scene of the accident, and it was found that a body was separated from the body, and by examination it was found that the body of a student called “Salma S.” 22 years old, residing in the Matareya region, and found in her possession an amount Mali, in addition to her mobile phone.

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