The Public Prosecutor directs the completion of investigations into the death of Abdullah Al-Akhrasi … and forensic medicine to be assigned for an autopsy


Mohamed Faraj

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Saturday 16 May 2020 – 11:59 PM
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Saturday 16 May 2020 – 11:59 PM

The Public Prosecution announced directing the Public Prosecutor to complete the investigations into the killing of Sina Al-Akhrasi, and delegated forensic medicine to conduct the anatomical description of the body; To explain the cause of death.

The prosecution said in a statement a short time ago, that the victim informed the police station at the General Hospital of El-Arish before his death by infringing some of him with white weapons – he was able to identify the names of them – causing his injuries that he died from.

The prosecution pointed out that, as a result of this, the police investigations have identified eight of the accused, as information confirmed one of them quarreled – more than once – with some of the families of one of the tribes there, because he used to be with a girl near their homes in contravention of the prevailing customs and traditions, so the defendants agreed. Therefore, among themselves, the aggression against the people with white weapons, and on the day they set, they attacked their homes, attacking some of them, and among them was the deceased victim.

The prosecution indicated that it decided to assign the forensic doctor to conduct the anatomical description of the victim’s body; To explain the cause of his death and the injuries he was in. Some of the accused have been arrested today and are being brought before the Public Prosecution; For interrogation and completion of investigations.

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