The son of the director Ashraf Fahmy, he returns the favor to the late Hassan Hosni:


Mustafa Fahmy, the son of the director Ashraf Fahmy, mourned the late artist Hassan Hosni, his stepfather and the one who took care of him after the death of his father, with influential words in which the beautiful responded to the late artist, and Mustafa said on his personal page on Facebook: “Ciliate me on your shoulders while I am my son’s age … And you preferred me to keep me on your shoulders until the last day of your life … You knew me, meaning father, support and backward … You made me build Adam and stand on my leg .. Goodbye, O boy, oh good, my father, a great heart … I had a sense of the word Baba and I say to you from my heart. “

Mustafa Ashraf Fahmy and his son with the late Hassan Hosni
Mustafa Ashraf Fahmy and his son with the late Hassan Hosni

It is reported that Hassan Hosni married twice, the first of a woman outside the artistic community, then he married Mrs. Magda El-Hamida, the ex-wife of the late director Ashraf Fahmy, and his daughter Rasha died, after a struggle with glands cancer in 2013, after a few years of celebrating her marriage, and entered Then in a psychological crisis made him refuse to participate in works of art.

The great artist, Hassan Hosni, died at the age of 89 at Dar Al Fouad Hospital, after a sudden heart attack that led to his hospitalization, and he remained for 24 hours in intensive care until he died..

The great artist Hassan Hosni has participated in many important television and cinematic works over the past seasons, where he participated in the series “Sultana Al Moez” with Ghada Abdel Razek, which was shown in the season of Ramadan elapsed, and before that he participated in the series “Abu Jabal” For the star Mustafa Shaaban, which was shown during the last Ramadan drama season.

He also participated in the last Eid Al-Adha season, with the movie “Fantasy of Might”, starring Ahmed Helmy, stars Menna Shalaby, Khaled Al-Sawi and Bayoumi Fouad..


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