The story of Major Wael Salah Ibn Mansi Al-Bar who recommended to be buried next to him and his will be fulfilled photo


The leading hero martyr Wael Muhammad Kamal Salah, who is considered the successor of “Mansi” and his righteous son as it appeared in today’s episode of the series “Choice”, he considered the leader “Mansi” exactly like his father, and his role in the military and even daily life situations, and when the commander martyred Mansi said : “I Dahri bent over, my father died.”

Pioneer Wael believed that Legend Mancy was the model for everything.Wael insisted on accompanying Mansi’s body and he was in the carriage carrying the body, and I recommend that he be buried next to his father, his lover, and his leader.

Major Wael served in Battalion 103 The Thunderbolt Heroes Battalion and the finest Special Forces in the place of the martyr hero Shabrawi and was martyred in Sinai in the month of 12 months after Commander Mansi 5 months ago.

At his funeral, hundreds of residents of the tenth of Ramadan city, among his family and forgotten friends, gathered again at the funeral of the pioneer who was martyred in the terrorist attack that targeted the Arish airport in North Sinai in December 2017.

In fulfillment of his will, the family of Colonel Ahmed Mansi agreed and buried the body of Major Wael next to his commander, the martyr Colonel Ahmed Mansi, in the tombs of the tenth of Ramadan.

Major Wael Salah and Colonel Ahmed Al-Mansi

Colonel Ahmed Al-Mansi

Major Wael Salah

Shahid Bislam Shahid

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