The symptoms of “Corona” appear on a nursing director in Saudi Arabia – One World – Arabs


Othman bin Shaker Al-Thaqafi, Director of Quarantine Nursing Services in the Northern Borders Region in Saudi Arabia, revealed the fact that symptoms of Corona virus infection appeared on him, stressing that the test result was negative.

Al-Thaqafi said, according to the newspaper “Okaz”: “I felt pain in the throat during my work in quarantine, and I went to the North Medical Tower to perform the required tests, and I was diagnosed with a sore throat, and took a sample to examine Corona by virtue of my quarantine.”

He continued: “I was sleeping in the tower from last Friday until the result (Tuesday) appeared, and it was negative.”

He noted the importance of taking caution and not tolerating any symptoms that appear, with the importance of taking precautionary precautions.



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