The widow of the martyr Hisham El Saket sends a message to the doctors: Keep the covenant and the oath (video)


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Dr. Sherine Al-Gayyar, the widow of the martyr Dr. Hisham Al-Saket, undersecretary of the Faculty of Medicine of Al-Kasr Al-Aini, who died with an infection of the Corona virus, was keen to send a message to doctors in the midst of the crisis that erupted during the past two days between the Medical Syndicate and the Ministry of Health, against the backdrop of the death of a young doctor in Al-Munirah Hospital affected by the infection And, the union accused the ministry of causing his death by failing to cure him.

“The Gayar” said in a video clip, that she is talking to doctors to inform them of what her martyr husband met, which she considered a role model for young doctors in their war against the epidemic that spread throughout the republic, stressing that she will remain in the covenant in providing services to the injured despite the challenges, difficulties, fear and problems faced by doctors. .

She added that she would not give up any patient in implementation of the doctors ’covenant before God, and to complete the path of her late husband who gave his life and time to his patients.

She stated that her late husband was traveling to drive medical convoys and reach the needy patient in the villages and hamlets, to provide the medical service that the patients needed, and he refused to discourage her from her work, because the patients needed them, and she continued: “Our Lord is the one who has testimony.”

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