The worst storm in decades in Australia crashes cars and uproots trees .. Video


Natural disasters continue to hit Australia, after the end of the forest fire crisis that lasted for months and entered the cycle of facing the Corona Virus like other countries in the world, Australia is now exposed to a storm that is the worst in Australia in decades, where high waves, torrential rains, winds, dust and wind speed may reach up to 210 kilometers per hour, while the waves may reach a height of 8 meters and more.

Network offered Nine News Australia Through her official account on the website, “Twitter”, today, Monday, a photo report from the storm’s places. The footage showed cars crashing due to bad weather and trees flying due to the strong storm and high waves, while rescue vehicles were present in the places that were damaged and cut off electricity to save the lives of the residents.

The weather is destroying some establishments in Australia
The weather is destroying some establishments in Australia

Bad weather losses in Australia
Bad weather losses in Australia

The Australian Channel reported that the western coast of Australia is exposed to weather strikes once in the decade, and these strong winds, heavy rains and strong storms cause destruction, as the worst in the storm has not yet come, as the storm is heading south towards the capital of Perth and the storm as a result of the confluence of the remains of a tropical cyclone in a wave cold.

Stormy weather had caused the uprooting of trees and blackouts in tens of thousands in Western Australia, as emergency services in Perth, the state capital, began Monday the debris removal work.

And wind speeds reached 132 kilometers per hour in Cape Lewin, in the far southwest of the state, this morning, and it is the strongest winds ever seen at this time of year in 15 years, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“The impact of inclement weather on large parts of Western Australia has caused damage and blackouts on a large scale,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on social media. “I ask everyone to listen to the advice of emergency services.”

The utilities company, Western Power, said that electricity was cut off by about 50,000 customers today.

The major Western Australian oil and gas companies, Chevron Woodside Petroleum and Santos, said the operations were not affected.

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