“The youngest mannequin .. Her mother is the sister of Safaa Abu Al-Saud.”


04:28 PM

Sunday 17 May 2020

Books – Hani Saber:

Today, Sunday, artist Arwa Gouda is a victim of an official crazy ramez mold, presented by artist Ramiz Jalal on mbc channel Egypt

In the following lines, we monitor for you the most important information about Arwa Judeh, as follows:

_ She was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on September 27, 1984, due to her father’s working conditions.

_ Her mother is the sister of the artist Safaa Abu Al-Saud, twin, despite the lack of similarity between them, she loves her mother a lot, and she always publishes her pictures with her, thanking her for her patience with her, her sisters and her father.

_ She finished high school in Saudi Arabia, then returned to Egypt and lived in Cairo, graduated from the Naval Academy from the Marketing Department.

_ Her artistic start .. She started the artwork when she was very young, she was only 12 years old in the field of fashion shows, she is the youngest model, and drew attention to her beauty, height, grace, and strong presence on the stage.

_ In 2005 she signed the contract of her first movie (Life is the Most Pleasurable), with artist Hanan Turk, Menna Shalaby, Zina, Yuri Mrakadi and Majdi Kamel, although it was her first role but she highlighted all her artistic energy.

_ I studied acting and took part in some acting workshops to get more experiences and expertise.

For a while, she stopped acting and filming due to her father’s sudden illness.

_ She went through several cinematic works, including: “Life is the ultimate pleasure – nothing else – the world – the costume of today – on the side of O Osta – Al Witr – Al Jazeera 2”.

_ Among the series that I participated in: “Abu Omar Al Masri – Is this what happened – The Stone of Hell – This evening – The Covenant (Permissible Speech) – The Empire of Maine (Guest of Honor) – Napoleon and Mahrousa – Red Lines – Citizen X”.


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